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Toronto’s most underrated pizza joints

Not to be confused with a definitive greatest hits list—instead, this is a richly deserved shout out to a few select pizza locales that might not be household names (just yet).

The next time you are waiting to snag a table reservation at Pizza Libretto, or you finally wake up and realize the error of your delivery history (*cough* Pizza Hut *cough*), consider these highly underrated pizzerias. Your taste buds will thank you.

Chito’s Pizza | 1308 Bloor Street West

Some heathens actually used to visit this west end hole-in-the-wall for something other (and apparently better) than the pizza. Luckily, the owners had the presence of mind to combine its two bestsellers into one. The result: shawarma pizza. Enough said.

Gerard Pizza | 1528 Danforth Avenue

Pizza gets the fine dining treatment at this east end establishment. Authentic Italian pizza, pasta, and the chicest dessert menu imaginable is on hand, so too is quality and the knowledge that GP have been making pies since 1966—you’re in good hands.

Mamma Martino’s | 624 The Queensway

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For those who have never caught a glimpse of the line ups around the block (on a Tuesday night), let it be known: this place is crazy popular. Hands down, some of the best Italian in the city is served up in this family-run eatery. Amazingly, the life-changing pizza is merely a footnote on their massively delicious menu. Try them all.

Pizza Gigi | 189 Harbord Street

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Don’t get it twisted: this student hangout is not just for kids. This famously under-the-radar corner spot is far from glamorous, but let’s face it, neither are you if you want really, really good pizza—without the heavy price tag.

Calabrese Pizza | 3019 Lake Shore Blvd West

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Simplicity is at the forefront of this tiny, counter-service spot in Etobicoke (totally worth the trek). In addition to a hearty selection of wings, sandwiches, and salads, the pizza is freshly prepared and ready to go. According to locals, this is the best around.

King Slice | 1130 Queen Street West

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It’s not everyday that one killer pizza spot is taken over by another killer pizza spot. Having moved into the space left vacant by the legendary Vinny Massimo on Queen West (they also have a Bloor St. location,) King Slice has been making new fans ever since. With your choice of crust thickness, and the amazing pesto-butter-oil that they paint onto the rim of your takeout pie, there really is nothing like a slice from this royal family.

Mattachioni | 1617 Dupont Street

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Who says that underrated pizza can’t be fancy? If you’re looking to take your pie crush to the next level, you should definitely pop in to Mattachioni (even if you pronounce it wrong, it’s still fun to say)—impossibly good topping combos, a super strong wine list and friendly staff are the norm.

Danforth Pizza House | 920 Danforth Avenue

For over fifty years, the good people at DPH have maintained the traditions of their family-run business (they are the oldest of their kind in Toronto, by the way) by using a top-secret recipe to create lusciously layered, authentic pizza pies—among other things.

Frank’s Pizza House | 1352 St. Clair Avenue West

This cozy Italian cookhouse has been feted with more “best of” prizes than you can shake a rolling pin at. Fresh pizza, pasta, and all the trimmings. Oh, and if you’re feeling confident, take home a mound of authentic pizza dough and try it yourself.

Another un-fussy dining spot for those who prefer substance to style. Fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes are combined to create pies that are out-of-this-world.

Image via Danforth Pizza House

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