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Toronto’s Most Underrated Pizza

Pizzeria Libretto, Teronni and Queen Margherita Pizza have already received Toronto’s stamp of approval for trendy/must-try pizzerias in the city. Even T.O.’s oldest pizzeria Vusuvio’s has made it high on lists of Toronto’s best pizza. But this is a different kind of list.

You could call these the middle children of pizza, the underdogs, the underrated…

Olympic 76 Pizza
Opened in 1976, and hidden on a side street at Yonge and Bloor, this old style Italian restaurant serves up some of the best pizza this city has to offer. Thick crust and old fashioned, Olympic Pizza is home to one of the hottest, gooiest pizza around. Its large patio and old fashioned plastic table cloths create an atmosphere that can’t be beat. There’s also a little something for everyone, from a make-your-own pizza menu, to a pesto or smoked salmon pizza.

Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza House
Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza house is traditional Italian, made by Italians. Large mom-and-pop portions makes Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza house a top favourite on the east end. The service can be a little slower than you may expect from a restaurant, but it’s only because everything is made from scratch as you order.

gerrard pizza

Fired up in a wood oven, Stratengers offers up some of the best pizzas to satisfy everyone’s tastes buds, from tandoori chicken, to Mediterranean, to classic Italian. They’ve been a part of Toronto for a long time, and they haven’t stayed in business out of luck. In addition to delicious thin crust pizza, Stratengers is also home to the all-day omelette.

inside strat

Albany Pizza
Offering up more than 20 pizza options, Albany Pizza hides out beside the No Frills at Dundas and Lansdowne. Just on the outskirts of Little Portugal and Parkdale, Albany Pizza are the kings of the walk-in special.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.14.33 PM

Bona Pizza & Pasta
A little hole in the wall, Bona Pizza & Pasta should become your immediate pizza delivery go-to if it’s not already. With over 60 toppings to choose from, Bona Pizza really makes your pizza what you want it to be. Pizza as the art, and Bona’s crust is the canvas. For all these reasons and more, Bona Pizza takes one of the top spots for good, greasy pizza.

A good crust is the foundation of a good pizza, and Milano’s has it down to a science. With over 30 pizza toppings, Milano’s is a go-to destination in Etobicoke for walk-in, pick-up, and delivery.


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