Toronto’s Most Unique Delivery Services

Now you can get anything from watermelon to water-based lube delivered right to your door.

Food delivery has been a thing for a long time. But what else could you dream up to be delivered to your house? Chances are, there is a delivery service in the city that can make it happen. The list here covers off some of those options.

Hurrier is a bike courier service that delivers much of what makes Toronto so delicious. Their tagline is “Best Of Toronto” and their impressive partner list proves it. Through Hurrier you can have tacos from Grand Electric or burgers from Burger’s Priest dropped off at your doorstep.

On the non-food front, Hurrier also delivers anything you need from Shoppers Drug Mart – a great option for the harried new mom who just ran out of diapers (or just the laziest of us in need of more Q-Tips).

Dial-A-Bottle Toronto
If you went to college or university in Toronto, you may have used Dial-A-Bottle to bring the party to you. Dial-A-Bottle delivers from the LCBO and the Beer Store to homes in the GTA. They are a great option if you are having friends over or hosting a dinner party and just don’t have the time to go pick up wine.

Come As You Are
come as you are
For those who feel awkward walking around in a sex shop, Come As You Are, one of Toronto’s oldest sex shops, offers a delivery service. If you don’t want to leave the store with a bag and signal to the world that you just bought a new toy, this is for you.

For The Love Of Cake
What would be sweeter than finding a cupcake in your mailbox? Well, that’s not quite how For The Love Of Cake works, but they do deliver sweets (like their impressive custom cakes and cupcakes) to almost any address in the GTA. Birthday party planning just got a little less hectic.

Snap Delivery
Snap Delivery is a 24-hour courier service delivering essentials around the GTA. They deliver from Dollarama, convenience stores, and select grocery stores.

Green Earth Organics

If ordering pizza on a Sunday night doesn’t jive with your current diet plan, organic box delivery can help alleviate that. Green Earth Organics will drop off a week’s worth of healthy groceries in one shot. Not only are you eating well, you don’t have to go out! Plus, the box comes with recipe suggestions based on the ingredients inside, so all you have to do is cook.