Toronto’s Most Unique Fitness Classes

Add some flavour to your regular workout routine

Fitness classes can be a lot of fun (albeit if you avoid the 6 p.m. rush). However, classes at your average gym can also get repetitive. Why not use exercise as a way to try something new or learn a new skill? Here are ten unique fitness classes in Toronto that will let you do exactly that.

Hula Hooping

The hula hoop doesn’t have to be restricted to childhood. Believe it or not, there are quite a few hula hooping workout classes offered in Toronto, many working to combine dance and hula hooping. To start, try Sugar Hoops, one of the more popular hula studios. There’s also HooperSonic, which is a studio that offers a hula dance class called “Hoop Dance Flow.”

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Suspension Yoga

Tired of the same old yoga? Change it up by working out a stretch while suspended in the air. The Flying Yogi offers both aerial classes and regular yoga, if you’d rather keep your feet on the ground. Suspension yoga allows you to get a deeper stretch, and is also known for relieving back pain.


Circus Lessons

You don’t have to be in the circus to try a unique circus art. The Toronto School of Circus Arts offers classes on aerial silk dancing, aerial hula hooping (yup, that exists), trapeze lessons, trampolining, acrobat training, and regular fitness classes. This is the perfect way to switch it up if you’re tired of the same old fitness classes and eager to learn something new. Most of these workouts are also guaranteed full-body workouts — perfect for strengthening your core.


Beyonce Dance Class

You’re bound to work up a sweat trying to copy Queen Bey’s dance moves, and Beyonce dance classes in Toronto offer the opportunity to take your Beyonce moves out of the privacy of your home and into a real dance class. Try out a Beginner Beyonce Class at The Underground Dance Centre.


Burlesque Dancing

Tired of the same Zumba classes at your gym? The Toronto School of Burlesque not only offers classes for those looking to become professionals — many classes are offered on a drop-in basis and fit for those looking to break a sweat in a fun way. There’s a wide variety of drop-in classes to choose from. Click here to check them out.


Mermaid Swim Classes

Yes, there is a place in Toronto where you can put a mermaid fin on and swim. Swimming with one fin actually provides a solid core workout, and The Aqua Mermaid provides classes for adults.



Trampolining is a lot of fun and also offers a great workout. The Sky Zone in Toronto offers fun adult trampolining programs, including trampoline dodgeball (Ultimate Dodgeball) and basketball (SkySlam). Click here for more options.


Pole Dancing

A pole dancing class is guaranteed to offer a full body workout. Brass Vixens hosts multiple locations in Toronto and is known for being the GTA’s largest pole dancing and fitness studio. This place offers a variety of classes for all levels of experience. There’s also Flirty Girl Fitness, which offers a lineup of fun and unique classes, including pole dancing.

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Surfboard Yoga

If you’re looking for a challenge, surfboard yoga will offer just that. SupGirlz and WSUP both offer surfboard yoga on real surfboards out on the water. If you’re not looking to get your feet wet, Surfset Toronto offers a surfboard yoga program that runs indoors.


Indoor Dragon Boat

Scarborough’s Afterburn Fitness offers indoor dragon boat lessons and training. These classes work in combination with a fully-equipped weight room, making for an intense workout.