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Toronto’s Playground Bars

Bars aren’t always about the booze. With the right creative minds behind it, a typical bar can be transformed into a playground fit with retro arcade games, vintage pool tables, mechanical bulls, and more.

This list is for the adventurous, the playful, the nighttime warriors, ready to tackle Toronto’s playground of not-so-typical bars.

The ping pong table had a resurgence in high schools and universities for epic games of beer pong, but at Spin, they’re put to their original use. This ping pong bar is home to some really great food and beer options. The wait for a table can be a little long and don’t sweat about chasing those balls around – they’ve got ball boys for that.


Snakes and Lagers
Ever been hanging out at home, having a few drinks with some friends and wanted to play a nice game of Monopoly but soon released you own zero board games and are out of beer? Snakes and Lagers has you covered. With a large library of beer and board games, Snakes and Lagers is for the Hungry Hungry Hippo playing kid in all of us.

Alternatively – Snakes and Lattes
If cappuccinos and lattes are more your speed, hit up the sister venue and sip some mocha while owning your friends in a game of Settlers of Catan.

Rock N Horse
If sitting around working out your next move in Candy Land isn’t your thing, maybe a mechanical bull is. Country music and a rooftop patio with a gorgeous view of the city make up the Rock n Horse Saloon. For the brave, there is the mechanical bull. The wait to ride can be long but it’ll be worth it when you’ve held on longer than all your friends.


The Ballroom
Hooray for bowling. The Ballroom is Toronto’s destination for booze and bowling. The ten pin lanes offer a great hour or two of bowling and socializing with friends. Complete with pool tables as well as two outdoor patios, The Ballroom is guaranteed to be a fun time.


Local Public Eatery
Liberty Village’s newest hot spot offers up a great selection of inexpensive drafts, bocce ball and shuffle board. The new chain in town provides a cozy atmosphere for a lunch date, or just catching up with some friends after work. It’s quickly becoming our newest hang out, and definitely worth a try.


The Rivoli
We know and love the venue for it’s good food and for its music venue reputation, but the second floor offers up almost a dozen vintage pool tables at a very affordable hourly rate. You can’t go wrong at The Rivoli.


Get Well
Free pinball, Space Invaders, and Tetris mixed with good friends, good beer, and good food make Get Well a great weekend option. The space is open seven days a week to satisfy your arcade needs any night.


Bonus: Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL)
BATL is a bonus because this place is BYOB. Bring your canned drinks and throw some axes. With two locations in Toronto, BATL hosts group events of 12 people and up, as well as the opportunity to join the league. The staff there will teach you how to properly throw the axes and then will let you and your friends go for it in an organized tourney.


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