Toronto’s Queen Video set to close after operating for 38 years

Say goodbye to the oldest video store in Canada

After 38 years of operating, Toronto’s Queen Video, which is the oldest video store in Canada, is closing.

Queen Video’s legacy of selling rare movies on DVD is coming to an end as it closes its last location, which currently stands at 480 Bloor St. West. The Annex location of the famed Toronto chain is the last of the company’s four locations, and it has been open since 2000.

“It’s been a long time, it’s been a success story,” owner Howard Levman explains to BlogTO. Levman also explained that the store is set to officially close on April 30th because of the slowed DVD market.

The original Queen Video location closed in 2016, and they sold their complete collection. Now, the Annex location will start selling all of their 30,000+ DVDs on Friday, and Levman has stated that the selection is even more of a film-lover’s paradise than the original Queen West location.

In fact, the stock will be packed with silent films, Oscar-winners, posters, television shows, and t-shirts.