Toronto’s Themed Bars

5 Themed Bars to Dress Up Your Night Out

These bars are not the places for quiet conversation and cocktails. Themed bars are where things get wild. Like costume parties, but instead of patrons dressing up, it’s the venue that’s all decked out. This list of themed bars will get the party started.

Pravda Vodka House
At Pravda, it’s not so clear who won the Cold War. The bar is decorated in red (of course) and the sickle and hammer are on full display, hanging from the ceiling in the centre of the room. Heavy drapery sections off booths and Russian propaganda posters hang on stone walls. Be sure to ask about their vodka cellar. Staff may bring a lucky few down to where they store the good stuff to choose their own bottle.

Stone’s Place
Stone’s Place in Parkdale is a shrine to The Rolling Stones. The owner has a super duper man-crush on Mick and friends, so the walls are plastered with photos, news clippings, and concert photos of the famous chaps. There’s a sizeable dance floor, couches, and pool tables. But don’t worry, The music isn’t exclusively Rolling Stones – because too much of a good thing can be…well, you know.

Rock’n’Horse Saloon
This bar and restaurant is country rock themed, serving cowboys and city slickers alike. The main draw is undeniably a ride on the mechanical bull. Late nights seem to be best time here – it takes time to build the liquid courage to saddle up. The food is all Southern hospitality with a menu featuring chili corn dogs, buttermilk fried chicken, and brisket.


SPiN is a 12,000 sq. ft. nightclub with two bars, one lounge, and 12 ping pong tables. The club offers memberships to those who want to play regularly, but if you just want to stop in for a drink and work on your smash move, anyone is welcome. Check out their glow-in-the-dark ping pong nights for even more fun.

Snakes & Lagers
Nerds unite! Craft beer and board games are to be found at Snakes & Lagers, a College Street bar with an impressive library of games. This is the sister bar to Snakes & Lattes in Koreatown. What’s really great about this bar is how social it is. That is, until Settlers of Catan really gets going. Then all allegiances are up for grabs.

CHILL Ice House
If you’re one of those Christmas-in-July types, this bar is for you. The theme here is ice: ice walls, chairs, tables, even the glasses are made from ice. The bar is decorated with ice sculptures. There’s no need to bring a parka, CHILL will provide you with one. Be sure to go to their website and book your ticket in advance.