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Toronto’s Underrated Burgers

For Toronto burger enthusiasts, the conversation is mainly around a select few really famous joints. Since most of the hype is reserved for well-known places like The Burger’s Priest and Holy Chuck, there are too many forgotten burgers just waiting for their chance at fast food fame.

That neglect ends today.

Jumbo Burger

(Photo by: Brenn S. via Yelp)

The question isn’t when can you get a Jumbo Burger, but when can’t you? Open from 7 am to 2 am Monday to Saturday, fan favourites include the classic cheeseburger and massive onion rings that look like the stuff dreams are made of.

Burger Shack

(Photo by: Danielle Scott via Yelp)

Don’t let the miscellaneous tiki lamps and paper plates fool you, Burger Shack knows what it’s doing. Often overlooked for its uptown location, Burger Shack has been serving no-frills burgers for over thirty years. Try the Home-style Banquet; the little bit of extra cash will get you homemade BBQ sauce and caramelized onions.

No Bull

(Photo by: Canadian Pacific via Flickr)

Don’t let its title, No Bull, fool you; this burger place is heavy on the meat. Located at Queen and Parliament, No Bull offers up the classics done right. By the way, they deliver…

Slab Burgers

(Photo by: Slab Burgers via Facebook)

In a sea of burger chains, Slab Burger is serving one of a kind creations that will definitely not disappoint. Their specialty creations include the XXX Bacon Burger and Osaka Burger, that come with a long list of free toppings. They’re even repurposing cheese curds with their Monster Burger. Dream big!


Located near Ryerson University, JB Jackson’s Burger is offering up international burgers including Greek and Italian themed creations. They even offer a Nutella Heaven shake, which sounds nothing short of magical.


(Photo by: Magoo’s Burgers via magoosburgers.com)

Follow the neon lights to Magoo’s gourmet burgers and ice-cream if not for the burger, than for the sheer delight of ordering a meal with Magoo Sauce. And in a purely revolutionary move, Magoo’s does NOT charge extra for guacamole. Yes, you heard right.

(Main image by Ahmad Nawawi via Flickr)

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