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Touristy Toronto Must-Dos

Every week Toronto has a new themed bar, or trendy brunch place, or a festival that everyone is Instagramming from. It’s exhausting. This weekend, live life like a tourist with these 8 super touristy activities.

The Top of the CN Tower

I have lived in Toronto for years, but I have never been to the top of the CN Tower because I can’t justify spending $50 on an elevator ride to the top. Researching this, I made the startling discovery that you can get a free ride to the top if you have a reservation at the 360 restaurant. So save your money and spend it on some appetizers.


Go to a Jays game

I grew up in Alberta, and know a lot of die hard Blue Jays fans there who have never been to a game. We have the only MLB baseball team in Canada, so take full advantage of them! If you have the ability to take the afternoon off work, do it, because tickets are much cheaper during the week.

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Take a Bus Tour

This is pretty much a bus pass to all of Toronto’s attractions for 48 hours. You can hop on and off the bus as much as you want and it’s also narrated, so you can annoy your friends with hard facts and knowledge next time you’re walking past one of Toronto’s landmarks.


Explore Graffiti Alley

I’m going to be straight up with you, I walked through the graffiti alleys the other day, the graffiti was cool, but it just seemed like a giant ruse to get people to hang out in a dirty ally. But every Torontonian should probably still check it out: graffiti ally runs south of Queen St. west from Spadina to Portland.

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A Night at the Museum

Instead of the same old trip to the museum, try Friday Night Live at the ROM. You can check out all the regular exhibits accompanied by live music, food vendors, and drinks.


Take a Ferry

The Toronto Island Ferry gives some of the best views of the Toronto skyline possible, and it’s only $7:50 – and you can explore the island after. If you’re looking for a fun date, or different night out with friends, Mariposa Cruises offer sip and sail cruises for a pretty affordable price as well.


Go Underwater at the Aquarium

I didn’t know what to expect going to the Ripley’s Aquarium the first time, and it blew my damn mind. They have sharks, and a moving sidewalk, both on their own worth the price of admission.

Our green #sawfish welcomes you to the Dangerous Lagoon!

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Get Spooked on a Haunted Walk

Toronto was settled hundreds of years ago, and over those yeathe city has developed a rich history. The Haunted Walk shares the most terrifying stories and haunted locations from our cities past.


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