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Tracking Down The Kandahar Giant Of Afghanistan

What Is The Kandahar Giant?

The Kandahar Giant is basically either one of two things:

  1. A mythical 13-foot-tall monster with red hair and six fingered hands that lived in the mountains of Afghanistan and was killed and covered up by the government.Or…
  2. A total myth.

No one knows for sure.

giant of Kandahar
Image: @mccarrica on Instagram

Army officers have told stories about entire troops going missing in the mountains of Afghanistan in the early 2000s, only to find their gear in a mysterious cave with no soldiers to be found anywhere.

There’s also a solid rumour about the giant fellow with two sets of teeth driving a spear through the heart of a soldier after being threatened in his cave. Because of this, a squad with high-powered rifles supposedly shot down the giant with 30 seconds of sustained fire.

giant of Kandahar
Image: @venus.frankenstein.official on Instagram

Then, as the legend has it, the army put the dead giant in a helicopter, flew away with him, and he was never seen again. Not only that, but the story itself was squashed as the soldiers were all required to sign NDAs.

giant of Kandahar
Image: @the_ufo_secret on Instagram

All of this supposedly happened in Kandahar, Afghanistan in or around 2002. The rumours have not stopped since.

Stories Of Giants Have Popped Up Throughout History

giant of Kandahar
Image: @john_ruiz_olmos on Instagram

You’ll first find the word “giant” in Greek mythology dating back to 1297. The original word was “Gigantes” and they were giant beasts who opposed the gods. The giants, according to mythology, come in many forms. There are frost giants, fire giants, and mountain giants.

Ragnarok, the battle of the gods made epic by Chris Hemsworth’s triceps, featured lots of giants. They were a big part of Norse folklore, and even married into many god-families. In fact, the entire Norse human world is told to have been created from the flesh of a giant!

giant of Kandahar
Image: @giant of Kandahar on Instagram

A lot of giants through history have been portrayed as villains and antagonists, such as “Jack and the Beanstalk”. However, in stories by authors such as Roald Dahl and Jonathan Swift, giants are portrayed in a much different – and much more friendly – way.

the giant of kandahar
Image: RoaldDahl.com’s The Big Friendly Giant

When Was The Kandahar Giant Last Encountered (Supposedly)?

The encounter with the Kandahar Giant is said to have take place in 2002. However, the story wasn’t widely known until 2016 when a YouTube personality named L.A. Marzulli posted an episode about the giant on his YouTube channel.

The episode basically told the story of the Kandahar Giant, a blade-bearing monster who killed a U.S. special forces soldier. The giant was then killed by the other troops, and loaded onto a helicopter. From there, he was taken to a secret location, never to be known to the public.

After he released this episode, the story became much more well-known in popular culture.

Is There Any Truth To The Story?

giant of Kandahar
Image: @joecartoontwoshacks on Instagram

Is there truth to the story? It’s hard to say. Like many conspiracy theories and legends, you have to have a certain amount of trust in the storyteller.

In this case, the “eyewitness” was Mr. K, a soldier who claimed to have witnessed the Giant of Kandahar. He claims to have actually seen the giant kill the soldier with a spear. He also claims to have been one of the men to have helped kill the giant.

It sounds like a giant story to me… but maybe that’s just what the government wants us to believe. Truth be told, the Kandahar Giant of Afghanistan may or may not be real, and we will never really know.

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