Transit-Friendly King Street Set to Launch This Weekend

504 Streetcar riders to benefit from major overhaul

King Street as we know it will be no more as of this coming weekend. Plans for a drastic overhaul that give priority to streetcars will go into effect on Sunday, November 12.

City officials have indicated that it’s a complicated plan and it will take some time for both drivers and pedestrians to adapt. Essentially, cars will no longer be able to drive straight across King Street from Bathurst to Jarvis Streets, instead they’ll be funnelled into right-turn lanes to turn off King at various points. Street parking will also be altered, giving way to loading zones, designated taxi pickup spots, and public spaces.

It’s good news for those Toronto residents who use the 504 streetcar. The 504 route carries about 65,000 people per day on weekdays, but it’s often a slow ride as an estimated 20,000 drivers use the same route.

“There’s a clear imbalance there that we need to correct,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told Metro. “We have to try it. [King is] just not working right now.”