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Treat of the Week: Deep Fried Watermelon

“Treat of the Week” is new series highlighting the must-have eats — sweet, sour and everything in between — that are making Torontonians salivate.

Deep fried Mars bars are so 1995. Thanks to the fine folks at DaiLo, the much buzzed-about New Asian restaurant at College and Palmerston, the latest deep fried food craze is here. Seven pieces of finely seasoned, whimsically garnished, deeply fried—and deeply good—watermelon. Not just a pretty picture, this brilliant take on a summertime staple is complemented by a generous handful of bean sprouts and basil leaves for some serious flavour, and Insta-worthy presentation.

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The people behind DaiLo take food very seriously. Their credo—an embrace of traditional cuisine, with an emphasis on Western flair—has proven highly desirable amongst the glitterati and the gourmands, the hoi polloi and the just plain hungry. Since opening in 2014, the menu is consistently praised, while the restaurant itself has been named one of the 100 best in all of Canada.

Chef and owner Nick Liu has managed to concoct a signature stand-out dish that is equal parts refreshing, inventive, playful and delicious—a perfect plate for the summer, and a word-of-mouth fan favourite (a quick search on social media reveals where to go to find everybody’s favourite appetizer). Get in on the secret and make a reservation today.

WHERE: 503 College Street
WHEN: Tuesday – Sunday; 5:30pm – 11pm

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(Photo courtesy of Mary’s Happy Belly)

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