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Treat of the Week: Fried Ice Cream Rolls

Inspired by the colourful streets of Thailand, this unique dessert experience is a refreshing, far out take on a summer classic. For those who like their ice cream with a bit of personality, Arctic Bites is a treat-ery that should definitely be on your radar.

As this quirky new start-up is quick to point out, every dish is different—no two cups are the same. However, the exact amount of dedication and time goes into every order. And with a laundry list of possible flavours—including a secret type that only walk-in visitors are privy to, there really is no better way to chill out than by gorging on this fabulous, frozen taste of Asia.

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Using innovative cold plates that drop down below freezing, the dairy formula is able to take shape whilst retaining that familiar frozen flavour. The resulting polar-rolls are then decked out in a trove of fancy toppings and accessories.

Some of the tantalizing options awaiting your visit:
You’ve Met Your Matcha
Takes Two to Mango
We’re Mint to Be
Taro With a Twist

Not to be missed!

HOW MUCH: Fried Ice Cream Rolls, prices vary
WHERE: 21 Baldwin Street
WHEN: Monday, Wednesday – Sunday 1pm – 9pm; Tuesdays – CLOSED

(Photo: Arctic Rolls on Instagram)

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