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Treat of the Week: Homemade Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts. A simple concept: jam-filled tarts that you can throw in the toaster for maximum deliciousness (of course, what self-respecting ten year-old hasn’t grabbed a Mylar sleeve on their way to the bus stop and chowed down on an untoasted duo?). For the adventurous, concocting a strawberry-and-s’mores sandwich was like heaven in your hands. Pop Tarts are perfect—always have been, always will be. So why the resurgence in popularity?

Everything old is new again, and uptown bakery The Rolling Pin is living proof, offering a familiar treat—a buttery crust, packed with homemade jams, among other fillings, and decorated with the same kooky colours—and social media is abuzz.

Current flavours and fillings are on rotation and subject to change, but don’t be disheartened if your favourite is snapped up before closing time (pick another…have you ever had a bad pop tart? Of course not): Apple cinnamon, Banana Nutella, Blueberry, Lemon, Nutella, Peanut butter + jelly, Raspberry

Owners Vanessa Baudanza and Isabelle Loiacono, and their team of baking angels, churn out a tasty arsenal of goods, including their own take on the tarts, reaching to the past and tapping into the nostalgia of the mouth-watering millennial diet. They may not be the only team in Toronto offering fresh alternatives to boxed confections (try the homemade Passion Flakies at College Street’s Bake Shoppe), but they are undeniably the best.

HOW MUCH: $4.25 each
WHERE: 3429 Yonge Street
WHEN: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm; Sunday: 10am – 5pm

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(Photo via The Rolling Pin on Instagram)

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