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Treat of the Week: Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sammies

A new series highlighting the must-have eats—sweet, sour and everything in between—that are captivating audiences throughout the city.

As we know all too well, there are a lot of ice cream joints around town. Most of them offer a quirky menu of artisanal dairy and dairy-free blends. Some even go the extra mile and squish these blends between two moist cookies, offered up in an equally tantalizing array of flavours. Despite this abundant market and the hordes of fiends clamouring for Insta-worthy shots of brightly coloured desserts, there is still one treat that keeps people talking: Sweet Olenka’s salted caramel ice cream sammies.

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What makes this treat a must-have is not the frills and fripperies, but rather the simplicity and limit of out-there ingredients. No bells and whistles. No wisps of neon cotton candy perched atop. No candied pralines or saccharine sprinkles. Ice cream—standard base, with a hint of salted caramel, and two nondescript chocolate cookies partially dipped in either milk or dark chocolate (availability typically depends on your time of visit). Just like that!

The most iconic foods are ridiculously simple to make, and just as easy to enjoy. Timeless, not trendy. That’s where Sweet Olenka’s leads the pack.

WHERE: 2790 Lakeshore Blvd W., 1052 Queen St W., 225 Augusta Ave, 23 Jutland Rd
WHEN: Every day; 11am – 10pm (summer hours vary by store)

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