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Treat of the Week: Traditional Mexican Mangonada

For those of you familiar with Kensington Market’s popular taco hot spot, you’ll surely know of the amazing new dessert bar with the same name that has popped up across the street. Seven Lives Paleteria is a nondescript hole-in-the-wall kind of space, a simple exterior that virtually explodes into a Narnia-like confection emporium–a marked complement to the brightly lit confections behind the counter. Already a fan favourite, this relatively new offshoot is making big promises to dairy (and non-dairy) treat-seekers. And delivering, in every conceivable way.

One particular item causing heads to turn (and eventually spin) is the Mangonada, a traditional Mexican refresher currently making waves north of the border.

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So what is this life changing, neon concoction pictured above? Simply put, a Mangonada consists of dairy-free mango soft-serve, mango juice, mango chunks and a sublime, sweet-meets-savory drizzle of homemade chamoy sauce (apricot, lime and chili syrup). To top it all off, a candied—and totally edible—tamarind swizzle stick for the ultimate taste sensation. A welcomed alternative to those watered down, overpriced frozen coffees, do yourself a favour and stop by this landmark neighbourhood and beat the heat with a chilling treat of tropical proportions.

WHERE: Seven Lives Paleteria; 72 Kensington Avenue
WHEN: Monday – Sunday, 11:30am – 8pm

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