Treefort Music Fest postponed, Big Ears Festival cancelled because of coronavirus

Two more festivals are taking preventative measures

Two more music festivals have been added to the list of those who are taking preventative measures against the coronavirus. Treefort Music Fest in Knoxville, Tennessee has been postponed until September, while Big Ears Festival in Boise, Idaho has been cancelled completely.

Treefort Music Fest was originally supposed to take place March 25th-29th, but will now take place September 23rd-27th. “In light of event cancellations around the globe and uncertainty about how this outbreak will impact Idaho, it was decided that postponing our festival is the best way to reduce unknown risk for our community,” Treefort Music Fest producer and co-founder explains.

Big Ears Festival was supposed to take place March 26th-29th. “Just 48 hours ago, we were optimistic that there was a path forward,” Big Ears co-founder Ashley Capps explains in a statement. “But with events surrounding COVID-19 developing rapidly along with the obvious need for urgent steps to contain its spread, we simply cannot move forward with the festival as scheduled.”