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Treetop Trekking: Everything You Need To Know About Ontario’s Popular Attraction

What Is TreeTop Trekking?

If you’ve never tried Treetop Trekking, you’re in for a treat.

This nature-inspired, health-promoting activity involves hanging out in nature with people you care about. What’s more satisfying than that?

From ziplines to rope courses, swinging bridges, pirate nets, and even Tarzan swings, you get such a dose of nature while you’re enjoying the views from the treetops.

Treetop Trekking is safe, fun, and a really wholesome and productive way to spend your time.

Is Tree Top Trekking Good For The Whole Family?

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Your family is going to LOVE Treetop Trekking! There are activities for all ages, from harness-equipped walks on ropes and logs way up above the ground to small log activities for the youngsters.

The whole environment of the parks is really family friendly, and most of the activities (like the zipline) you can all do together.

Create a bond like none other as you step carefully across platforms high in the trees with those you love. It’s exhilarating and connecting all at the same time.

What Does Tree Top Trekking Involve?

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There are lots of ways you can trek in the trees with these nature-inspired amusement parks. You can zipline through trees and over water, you can swing on ropes through the forest, and you can even walk planks high up in the trees.

The creators of these parks have done an amazing job of utilizing the natural environment to create obstacle courses and thrilling experiences. Treetop Trekking will help you experience nature like never before.

Is Treetop Trekking Possible All Year?

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Most of the locations for Treetop Trekking are open from May to October. The winter presents safety hazards that just don’t allow for the activities. It makes perfect sense, really. It’s so darn cold out in the winter that the treetop activities are best kept to spring, summer, and early autumn.

The 3 Best Tree Top Trekking Spots in Ontario

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1) 1000 Islands Treetop Trekking

Located between Brockville and Kingston, 1000 Islands Treetop Trekking is open from May to mid-October. Reservations generally start around 9am and run until 4pm, weather dependent. There are so many different activities at this Treetop Trekking location, including zipline and aerial game trek, the Treewalk Village, and even a night trek!

You can go here to book your ticket once the park is open.

2) Boler Mountain Treetop Adventure Park

Boler Mountain Treetop Adventure Park is open seasonally from May to October. An adventurous and unique type of recreation for active and even moderately active people, the nature here will inspire you and promote a sense of growth and accomplishment.

Zip lines, rope courses, swinging bridges, pirate nets, and even Tarzan swings will all be a fun part of your experience at this Treetop Adventure Park! Go here to reserve your spot!

3) Muskoka Zip Lines & Aerial Park

This exciting outdoor adventure is perfect for both friends and family to share together. Even though the zip lines and treetop adventures run from May to August,  you can enjoy a Santa Village in this nature-inspired environment from November 19 to December 24.

Buy tickets and passes for all of their adventures here.

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