Trudeau Calls For Fox News To Delete False Tweet On Quebec Terrorist Attack

A disgusting move by Fox News

On Sunday night, a right-wing extremist entered a Quebec mosque and killed 6 innocent people in a terrorist attack. A white male named Alexandre Bissonnette was captured and subsequently charged with 11 counts of murder and attempted murder. A Moroccan witness, someone who tried to help save people’s lives in the mosque, was treated as the sole suspect by Fox News.

His name was eventually cleared, but Fox News still had a tweet calling the Moroccan man the only shooter. They didn’t delete it, instead followed up their tweet with a correction (which boosts the original tweet back into people’s Twitter timelines) as a grossly irresponsible move with an obvious motive. It was completely disrespectful to the victim’s families, as Fox tried to drive the narrative of the story.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Director of Communications, Kate Purchase, issued a strongly worded letter to Fox News to remove said tweet, which you can read below.