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‘Trump TV’ URLs lead to anti-Trump statement

While the most fitting end to Donald Trump’s run at the United States presidency may be the launch of his own television network, the Republican nominee may have to get creative in his pursuit for the most logical URL.

A simple Google search for “Trump TV” leads to an anti-Trump message through trump.org and trump.tv. The owner of the URLs used the newly claimed web space to take a shot at Trump.


Many people are saying that Trump will launch his own television network if Hillary Clinton is elected on Tuesday, November 8. Trump’s own son-in-law hinted at the possibility of a dedicated network.

The 70-year-old reality TV star’s campaign launched a nightly show on Facebook Live Monday.

As far as full-time “Trump TV” network, it’s a wait and see scenario. Not one that will be viewed at trump.tv or trump.org, obviously.

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