TTC Adds Constables to Buses in Effort to Stop Spitting on Driver Incidents

Enough with the spitting already

Security has come to the rescue for TTC drivers. Apparently, spitting on the bus driver is a common occurrence. In 2016 there were 285 assaults on transit operators in Toronto, according to date compiled by Metro News.

This is a legit problem that’s in desperate need of a solution.

Most arguments on the TTC are started over the cost of travel, and these aggressive incidents have only been getting worse. Toronto police have finally decided it’s necessary to place constables on certain TTC bus routes to ensure people’s saliva remains in their mouth.

“The most common way an operator is assaulted is by spitting, and 34 per cent of assaults on operators involve getting spit on,” said Chief Special Constable Mark Cousins. “Then 31 per cent are physical. So, a slap on the hand, a punch in the face, some violent, some not as much.”

What the hell TTC users! What happened to your class? Hopefully, this spit situation will fizzle out.