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TTC Issues Apology for ‘Abysmal’ Tuesday Morning Service

If you’re one of the thousands of unlucky commuters who tried using the TTC this morning, your day was probably ruined before you even got to work.

The TTC is apologizing for a series of events Tuesday morning that led to some of the transit system’s worst morning commutes in recent history.

It all started around 6:30 am when commuters on Line 1 started experiencing longer than normal wait times for a Subway between Sheppard West and Vaughan Metropolitan stations. Technical problems then further delated trains at St. Andrew station. At 7:30 trains started turning back due to a fire. Just when things couldn’t seem to get worse, more delays came when emergency alarms were activated.

Commuters were crammed in subway stations like sardines on the platform, some standing dangerously close to the ledge. At one point, packed trains began bypassing stations entirely due to “severe overcrowding”.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross issued an apology Tuesday afternoon, apologizing for the ‘abysmal’ service, and explaining in detail the series of events that caused such massive delays.

If the TTC can improve on anything, it would be their communication skills. Technical issues will happen (hopefully less and less), but if they can manage to let commuters know what’s happening when it’s happening, that would go a long way.

Image courtesy tahismdotcom via Twitter

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