Toronto Woman Converting TTC Bus Into Mobile Shower for Homeless

Hygiene on Wheels will be up and running by spring 2018

A retired TTC bus is going to live on for a good cause.

A Toronto woman plans on converting an old donated fleet bus to make a mobile shower and laundry facility for Toronto’s homeless. The brains behind the project Hygiene on Wheels, Deborah Daniel says the plan is to have the bus up and running by Spring 2018.

The bus would drive from location to location in the city, offering the service to those who need it. They would also be offering clean clothing from donations as well as a street kit that would include a sleeping kit, socks, hats and more necessities.

β€œThe ultimate goal is to have this bus stripped and retrofitted with all the necessary equipment, in terms of the shower stalls and the laundry services and a place to put toiletries within the bus,” Daniel told The Star.

Daniel plans on installing two separate shower stalls, a washing machine and dryer, and a private bathroom to the old vehicle, which will cost anywhere between $75,000 to $100,000. Learn more about how you can donate and help the project get off the ground here.