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The TTC Is Finally Cracking Down On Queens Quay Tunnel Drivers

It looks like the TTC is finally making good on their promise to take additional measures to deter confused drivers from entering the notorious Ferry Docks streetcar tunnel.

It only took 26 times in four years before TTC officials decided that they had to implement some serious changes to stop Toronto drivers from entering the terminal. Brad Ross, the transit commission’s spokesperson tweeted a number of changes that would be installed in the coming weeks.

Adding on to the recently installed rumble strips, flashing lights and signs, Ross announced that “additional bollards were installed this weekend at York and Queen’s Quay to make it that much more obvious that the streetcar tracks are a no-go zone for autos.”

“A lift gate closer to the tunnel will be installed in the coming weeks,” Ross added.

The changes, however can’t come soon enough. The confusing turn at Bay and Queens Quay is something of a flytrap for distracted, confused, and in some cases intoxicated drivers.

Something tells me that no matter how many signs the TTC installs, Toronto drivers will find a way. Thanks Jeff Goldblum.


Image courtesy Brad Ross

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