TTC Data Shows that Line 2 is the Dirtiest Subway Line

Wash your hands, friends!

Recent data released by the TTC has indicated that 19 out of Toronto’s 20 dirtiest subway stations are on the Bloor-Danforth line.

According to a report by the Toronto Star, the TTC has made efforts to improve the cleanliness of their facilities — station cleanliness improved 73.7 per cent in the second quarter of this year — but the company has yet to reach their 75 per cent goal as a whole. In the last quarter, St. George was the only Bloor-Danforth station to pass the evaluation.

However, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green has stated that many stations are affected by different elements, whether it be more wind flow, more outdoor space, or more access to debris.

“Every station is different,” Green said. “If you’re near the viaduct there’s a greater likelihood that something from the overpass or the DVP can get into a station.”

The ten dirtiest stations, from dirtiest to cleanest, are as follows:

Dundas West
Scarborough TC
Old Mill

Feature photo courtesy Rose Trinh via Flickr.