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TTC is Looking Into Driverless Buses

TTC says they’re interested in having autonomous vehicles (AVs), but don’t expect them to be around anytime soon.

Although there’s isn’t a lot of information on autonomous transit yet, the TTC has said they’d certainly be interested in driverless buses in the future, but they’re going to take the “wait and see approach,” as TTC CEO Andy Byford stated.

Not wanting to rush into new technology that isn’t well developed yet, the TTC says that a lot needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to these new innovations of technology.

After examining two types of AVs, one with an operator on board and one without an operator, a report was put together to look at some of the benefits and downfalls of autonomous vehicles and how they would perform in the city.

Weighing the pros and cons of this new technology, reports showed that automated vehicles “have the potential to save money, increase schedule reliability, reduce stress for operators, and cut down on collisions” but some issues that can arise are determining who is at fault in the event of a crash -the operator or the vehicle itself- customer service issues, and costs.

Other issues popped up when the reports showed that the AVs didn’t perform well under harsh weather, which is a cause for concern with our Canadian winters. There are also problems on how to address passenger incidents on board, and how fare collection will work.

There is clearly a long way to go to perfect this way of transportation in the city, and we’re glad that TTC isn’t rushing into this one anytime soon.

Check out the report here to learn more about autonomous transportation in Toronto.

Feature photo courtesy of Michael Gil via Flickr.

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