TTC is rolling out its first hybrid electric buses

Greenhouse gases will be reduced by 75.6 tons per bus every year

The TTC has just gotten hybrid electric buses, and they’re expected to go into service over the coming weeks.

The new bus is the first out of 55 hybrid buses that are set to be delivered to the city by the end of 2018. Then, 200 more hybrid electric buses and 60 all-electric eBuses are supposed to be delivered to Toronto by the end of 2019. By then, TTC hopes for its fleet to be made up of three different propulsion technologies including clean diesel, hybrid electric, and battery electric.

The roll out of the new electric hybrid buses is part of TTC’s commitment to be 50% zero emissions by 2028-2032, and 100% zero emissions by 2038-2042.

As a result, greenhouse gases will be reduced by 75.6 tons per bus every year and there will be fuel savings of $25,600 per bus according to TTC’s Stuart Green.

Though the new hybrid buses still use fuel to produce energy, they consume only 70% of what other non-hybrid buses do.

:Lead photo courtesy of TTC Design.