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TTC Now Has WiFi in Every Subway Station

Chances are you’re going to get stuck waiting for a delayed subway at some point in the future, but the good news is you’ll at least have something to do down there while you wait.

As of this week, every TTC subway stop has been outfitted with their WiFi service TCONNECT. Installation of WiFi in subways stops started in 2013 and rollout has been pretty slow. The announcement came from internet provider BAI Canada who tweeted yesterday the construction for WiFI service at York Mills Station was complete.

With wireless internet installed on all subways, the next steps are expanding cell service underground and potentially WiFi service in subway tunnels. Seeing as riders use 15 terabytes a month of internet on TCONNECT, another good option would be…you know, being on time. Just saying.

Image courtesy person via Flickr

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