TTC Parody Merch Now Available

Expect delays!

After the TTC unveiled their new line of merch a couple weeks back for the holidays, it quickly became the butt of a joke for many indignant customers. Frequent TTC riders felt ripped off that the company was taking a stab at a cash grab following the announcement of the fare hike for the sixth year in a row.

That’s why some Toronto residents took it upon themselves to parody the transit-related merch, sharing a website Friday afternoon promoting a non-existent line of more suitable TTC products, called notinservice.


But after a whirlwind of support by locals over the weekend, the creators of the parody account took the site live, announcing on Reddit that they are going to be begin actually selling the hilarious line.


This late in the game, unfortunately they will not be able to ship any products before December 25th, minus the buttons that they are hoping to get in local stores before Christmas. But what’s more TTC than arriving later than promised?