TTC Plans New Streetcar Route For June

Proposed is the new 514 route

UPDATE: Thursday March 24, 2016

The TTC has approved the new 514 Cherry streetcar to run alongside the 504 King St. route. The route, which runs along Cherry St. from King St. in the east to Dufferin in the west, will begin in June.

Next week, the TTC board will be voting to improve transit service in east/central downtown. The report proposes a new streetcar line, the 514, which runs between Cherry St. and Dufferin St.

According to the TTC report, the 504 King is the busiest streetcar with approximately 60,000 passengers each weekday. Therefore, the goal of the 514 is to redistribute some capacity to alleviate congestion.

The 514 would introduce a low-floor streetcar, which is able to hold more people than the current King St. routes. This streetcar would not come at any extra cost to the TTC.

If the plan is approved the service will begin on June 19.

Main photo by booledozer via Flickr