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TTC proposes 10-cent fare increase for 2017

The Toronto Transit Commission is set to introduce a 10-cent fare increase for 2017, according to a report. It would mark the sixth straight year to see the cost of of a single-fare go up.

The TTC is looking to generate $27 million from the proposed hike in price, which would lead to an estimated potential loss in ridership of 1.2 million people. The recommended changes head to the TTC’s board next week, and would go into effect for January 1, 2017.

The cost of a single adult cash fare would remain unchanged at $3.25, although cash fares for students and seniors would rise 10-cents to $2.10. The cost of a token and PRESTO single-fare would jump to $3.00. A standard monthly Metropass would check in at $146.25, while the student and senior Metropass would cost $116.75, a $4.75 increase in both cases.

Will you still ride the TTC or explore alternate modes of transportation for 2017?

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