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TTC Putting an End to Time-Based Transfers on St. Clair

The TTC will be rolling out new streetcars on the 512 St. Clair route, which means that time-based transfers on that route will come to an end.

Time-based transfers was introduced as a pilot program in 2005 due to construction on the 512 route. The program, which allows TTC customers to re-board vehicles within a two-hour time period, was initially only supposed to be temporary.

Part of the reason for discontinuing transfers also lies in the unavailability of paper transfers on the new streetcars, also known as 204 low-floor “Flexity” trains.

“Operators on the new streetcars cannot issue paper transfers to customers,” said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green.

Toronto currently has 40 of the new streetcars, which were initially purchased from Bombardier after a $1.2 billion deal was made in 2009.

The 504 route on King will be the next one to make the full transition to new streetcars.

Feature photo courtesy BeyondDC via Flickr.

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