TTC Report Reveals Injured Customers Top Reason for Delays

A new extensive report reveals top reasons for delays

The TTC has released raw statistics that reveal all of the reasons for delays from January 2014 to April 2017.

According to the stats, there were 69,000 delays during that time period. 34 were recorded bomb threats, 221 minutes delayed were due to reported robberies, and there are over 280 hours of delays due to sick passengers. The TTC also recorded 395 service delays due to cars being labelled “unsanitary,” and 51 times service was delayed due to reports of suspicious packages.

According to a graph that was generated by the Toronto Star using the TTC’s data, the top five reasons for delays were: 1) injured/ill customers, 2) fire/smoke, 3) disorderly patron, 4) door issue – faulty equipment, and 5) train in contact with person.

Source: City of Toronto/Toronto Star

Visit the Toronto Star for more info, or see the TTC’s full raw report here.

Feature photo courtesy Danielle Scott via Flickr.