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TTC Responds to ‘Stupid Stunt’ Joyriding Video

The Toronto Transit Commission will pursue charges against a rider who posted a video of himself hitching a ride on the outside of a train. The video, which was reportedly shot over a year ago, surfaced online and prompted a response from the TTC, who called it an “illegal act” and an “incredibly dangerous and stupid stunt.”

Stuart Green, a TTC spokesperson, told City News that unknown Toronto man will be subject to fines under city bylaws.

In order for the TTC to press charges, they’ll first have to identify the man. The prankster, who spoke to City News anonymously, indicated that he was inspired by numerous other videos of passengers participating in similar stunts on subway cars in other cities.

Not that we’d encourage this type of dangerous act, but if you’re going to film yourself riding on the outside of a train you might want to keep your face out of the video. We’re guessing it’s just a matter of time before this man is identified.

Image via Flickr/archer10

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