TTC Streetcars to Be Removed from Dundas and Carleton Routes

Buses will replace streetcars on February 19

If you were hoping to sit amongst strangers on a street car this winter, good news, you’re still sitting amongst strangers – just on a bus.

The TTC is waiting on new streetcars from Bombardier, as the state of the current 40-year-old CLRV and ALRV models are considered unreliable.

As a result, both the 505 Dundas and 506 Carleton streetcars will be replaced with buses on February 19. Which, according to the TTC, will be in place “until at least 2019.” Due to the extreme cold weather Toronto’s had this winter, bus services have already made their way onto Dundas and Carleton.

Change is on the horizon for commuters. With the pace of Bombardier, we’ll see streetcars back on Dundas and Carleton next winter… hopefully.