TTC Time Based Transfers Start This August

Making good on five year TTC plan

How many times have you wished you could hop off the streetcar, grab a quick bite and then hop back on again without having to pay another fee?

If this scenario sounds familiar, the TTC God’s have listened and your prayers have been answered.

Just this week the Toronto City Council approved the Capital and Operating Budget of 2018 – which means big and exciting changes are on the horizon. Especially after the approval of their 5 year strategy a few weeks ago.

As of this August, the long awaited time-based transfers are accessible to happy owners of a Presto Card. Within a two-hour window, riders are allowed to hop on and off the TTC as many times as they want.

Another anticipated change, which begins this August, is the “Fair Pass” which allows a discount of 33% to single adult fares and of 21% to Metropasses on eligible riders of low-income on social-assistance. This discount will apply to low-income riders who meet criteria with an additional 15%, by 2021.

John Tory made the announcement of the news on Twitter the other day.

Time-based transfers and the Fair Pass can’t come soon enough, here’s looking forward to a new and improved system this August.