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TTC to Roll Out Two-Hour Transfers This Weekend

Finally, the Toronto Transit Commission is set to introduce time-based transfers for August 26. The new policy will allow TTC riders using the card to enter and exit transit vehicles as many times as they want within a two-hour window, all for the cost of a single fare.

The catch? You will require a Presto card to take advantage of the transfer window. The TTC is hoping the $21-million investment will lead to 5 million new customer trips per year by 2020.

“[This policy] will help reduce the financial barrier and make transit more affordable for low-income riders. It will provide customers with greater access to the system, and an ability to make multiple short trips on one fare,” a November 2017 TTC report said.

So, assuming this means those Presto wickets will actually work, are you going to opt for the card to access the unlimited two-hour transfer window?

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