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TTC’s New Online Shop Is Trying To Tell You Something

I’m no public relations expert, but I can tell you that asking people to buy your products a week after announcing a fare-hike for the sixth year in a row, isn’t going to go over well with your customers. But if there’s anything the Toronto Transit Commission isn’t known for, is it’s timeliness.

To the dismay of disgruntled Toronto transit riders, the TTC unveiled their renovated online store this week, along with a new line of TTC-related merchandise. The transit commision is hoping to rake in some extra cash this holiday season, with their fitting line of new products.

Tired of waiting in the rain? BOOM, an umbrella.


Streetcar moving at Ice Age speed during an ice storm? WHAM, a beanie.


Dehydrated on a packed bus? BAM, a water bottle.


While some eager commuters were excited about the updated store, others were less than pleased about the lack of focus.


What do you think of the new TTC merch? Let us know in the comments below.

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