Turbo Kid: A Cult Classic in The Making

Teenage Mad Max on BMXs.

Have you you ever heard of #cutegore films? Neither had I until I had the pleasure of screening one of the most fun and bat-shit insane films of the year.


Turbo Kid takes place in an apocalyptic future (the year 1997 for some reason) where resources are few and violence is the currency. A young loner befriends an a fellow weirdo and together they struggle to eke out an existence while being pursued by a one eyed super-villain. Think of the movie as a teenage Mad Max on BMXs. There are bad guys who shoot circular saw blades, exploding heads and entire bodies being vaporized in a film that has the twee feel of a Wes Anderson flick. I know. It sounds bizarre, but this kind of Canadian film-making is what the country needs. Ideas and premises this original don’t come around often in Canadian film which is why I urge you to see this movie when it comes to Toronto on August 27.