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Turns Out The Harry Potter Scar Isn’t A Lightning Bolt After All…

We All Know The Story Of The Infamous Harry Potter Scar… Right?

If you recall an image of Harry Potter right now, you’ll very likely picture him with the Harry Potter scar, right?

The glasses, the blue eyes, and the lightning bolt all form an image of this icon we’ve all seen so many times over the years. However, recent investigators revealed that the symbol on Harry’s forehead actually isn’t a lightning bolt at all.

So If It’s Not A Lightning Bolt Scar, What Is It?

Harry Potter scar
Image: @harry_potter_fandom on Instagram

The cool thing about this revelation, IMO, is that it makes Harry a lot more badass. So the Harry Potter scar isn’t a lightning bolt, that we know.

What it is makes him much more sinister and dangerous, actually. The Harry Potter scar is actually the hand motion used to cast avada kedavra… The Killing Curse. It’s one of the most powerful – and deadly – spells that exist in the wizarding world.

JK Rowling Has Been Expanding On The Story For Years Now

Harry Potter scar
Image: @harry_potter_fandom on Instagram

Dedicated Harry Potter fans are always investigating J.K. Rowling’s work for more details, subtleties, and things they can nerd out on with other Harry Potter fans. They do this because the author was coming out with new revelations about the book series for years after the story was concluded.

IT’s helped to keep the franchise massively successful, and it’s also kept people entertained for decades now. Harry Potter was first released in 1997.

What’s neat about the Harry Potter scar revelation is that it actually explains how it came to be. It’s not just a random lightning bolt (which almost seems too basic for Rowling, in a sense). It’s the sign for the very spell that Voldemort used to kill Harry’s parents, resulting in the scar on his forehead.

There are a lot of interesting fan theories, some of which have actually made a huge difference in the pop culture understanding of the film. You can check some of the good ones out here.

And while you’re in there, feel free to add your own! Nerd.

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