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TV Party! 5 Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

The weather is getting colder – and that means it’s hibernation season. We’re supposed to have another terrible winter, so lock yourself indoors with some good food, a couple glasses of red wine, and the golden era of scripted television. Here’s a list of the shows you NEED to be watching RIGHT NOW!

The Knick

Clive Owen stars in this Steven Soderberg-directed drama about New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital in the early 1900’s. It’s disgusting, fascinating, and amazing in equal parts. People tend to take modern medicine for granted, and this show will change that. Most medical innovations involved a lot of trial and error – and it wasn’t always pretty.

The Leftovers

Score another victory for HBO with this mysterious show about an unexplained rapture that steals 2% of the world’s population. The show focuses on how that affects one small town and the people trying to find meaning in this seemingly random event. The Leftovers features chain-smoking cults, packs of feral dogs, and plenty of unanswered questions in its first season.


This BBC show centres around how a mass shooting in a sleepy English village simultaneously connects and destroys so many lives. An ex-mercenary goes on a rampage that seems to affect everyone in the town in a profound way. It’s bleak, beautiful, and in classic English style, only four episodes long. Highly recommended.


If you’re not up on Homeland yet, you have a little bit of catching up to do – it’s in its fourth season. The show focuses on the world of counter-terrorism and espionage, perfectly capturing the world’s current sense of paranoia and despair. This show has never been more timely and while it’s far from perfect, it’s very addictive. Get on it.

Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories

After all that heaviness, here’s something a little lighter! This humour is not for everyone (it’s pretty weird), but I find these guys to be the most plagiarised duo in recent comedic history. You should also check out their series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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