Tweets of the Week – 2014.5.27

Highlighting Some Of The Week's Best Quotes In 140 Characters Or Less

Last week Twitter was buzzing with artist updates, photos, pro tips, random humorous thoughts, etc. Whether you’re a Twitter addict or don’t even have an account, you’ll enjoy catching up on our favourite Tweets of the Week.

Check them out below:

Born Ruffians and Andrew W.K. set you up with some killer life advice.


Because when has she EVER been on one?

Thanks Raina!

For the people!


Matt reviews movies.


Candice in a nutshell.


You could always just listen while you’re parked?




An Indie marriage, is a happy marriage.


Might be time for a new fan…

Time to start playing PUP at a leafs game?




The debate rages on, is he?

Future plans from Mr. MacNeil.


Essentially the same thing, right?