Tweets of the Week 2014.6.2

Highlighting Some of The Week's Best Quotes in 140 Characters or Less

Another week of social media usage is in the books and it’s time for us to show off some of the best tweets you might have missed. In this edition of Tweets of the Week Ezra from Vampire Weekend can’t seem to get away from haters, PUP starts a new Hashtag and our very own Carlin has important life goals.

People need to get this hashtag trending

We all hope Carlin one day achieves this goal

There is a reason this show got cancelled

The man has a point…

Naked sprinkler parties > clothed sprinkler parties

Brian shares some epic Tinder fails

The days are officially upon us

No one wanted in on Candice’s impromptu dance party 🙁


If you haven’t heard this track yet, you’re doing it wrong

Still searching for his answer

Can’t a guy open an ice cream store in peace?

Campaigning for new emoji’s!

You’re singing this song in your head right now, aren’t you?

Plugs on Plugs on Plugs…