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Two Star Wars Disney Theme Parks Coming Soon (Photos)

This week, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger announced at Disney’s D23 Expo that two major Star Wars parks are in the works. The enormous projects are being built in Anaheim, California at Disney Land and in Orlando, Florida at Disney World.

It’s not confirmed exactly what the parks will consist of, but each one will be 14 acres of science fiction glory. One of the parks will feature the Millennium Falcon, which visitors can board and fly a “secret mission,” while the other will allow visitors to fight in the battle between the New Order and the Resistance from The Force Awakens.

Disney has been working tirelessly to improve sensor technologies and has been experimenting in real-life experiences, so there’s no doubt these rides will be out-of-this-world. Iger confirmed that everyone in the park — even shop merchants — will be in character.

It’s set to be a completely immersive experience. Check out the conceptual mock-up images below:



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