Two Kids Perfectly Parody alt-J While Eating Rice Cakes

“How To Write an Alt-J Song” is the newest hilarious viral sensation

Two boys known as Fleece Music put up a video of them parodying indie rockers alt-J, and it’s hilariously accurate.

In between giggles and crunches on rice cakes, one of the boys declares “This is how alt-J makes music… watch.” They then proceed to use a microphone, a tambourine, a shaker, and a loop recorder to make a song that, well, sounds a lot like alt-J (nonsensical words and sounds aside).

As the song comes to a close, they just can’t get enough of those rice cakes. “And that’s an alt-J song.”

With over a million views in the short three days since it’s been uploaded, the boys have received a lot of attention: they were the featured video on YouTube’s homepage and, as a means of acknowledgement, alt-J has changed their official Twitter picture to a rice cake.

As they write in the video’s description, it’s just a parody and they intended “nothing mean spirited towards alt-J.”

Check it out below: