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Tyra Jutai | Live From Home

Toronto alt-pop act Tyra Jutai is the most recent artist to participate in our recurring Live From Home series.

Jutai performed her recent single “Frida.” The original song is grittier and percussion-heavy. But on this version, Jutai is at her most intimate. Throughout the stripped back performance, Jutai plays piano and delivers captivating, jazzy vocal lines.

“The song ‘Frida’ was inspired by a beautiful woman who tried to hook up with my boyfriend while I wasn’t around,” Jutai explained upon the track’s release. “I really fixated on the psychology of understanding going after someone else’s lover. When I say ‘Were you tortured by the same things that I was, running around looking for love to steal,’ what I mean is that both Friday and I were lacking love and trying to find it where we could.”

Watch Tyra Jutai’s Live From Home performance in full below.

Jutai adds that she’s not shaming Frida in the song, “but rather [her] ex.”

Tyra Jutai wrote and produced the song herself alongside Montreal producer John Nathaniel. “Frida” was featured on Jutai’s EP, You Werent A Muse, which was released back in March. The EP was inspired by Golden Age Hollywood actress Mae West and her movie I’m No Angel.

So far, artists like Dooms Children, BREEZE, BROS, Mountain Head, Kandle, and more have participated in Live From Home. Check them all out here.

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