U2 and Apple Developing Un-pirateable Digital Music Format

Controversial team plot new "audiovisual" music experience

In the latest of U2 and Apple’s collaborative efforts, Bono says they’re developing a brand new, interactive digital music format that “can’t be pirated.”

Bono told TIME he hopes the new format will be “so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music.”

Initial reactions have been skeptical, some not taking the concept seriously at all:

The cynicism just might have something to do with their album showing up uninvited into everyone’s iTunes library last week – a move they had to rectify by giving users a one-click delete button. The whole debacle caused a 41% decline in U2’s social media sentiment, according to analytics company Bottlenose.

Regardless, skeptics and supporters alike will have to wait and see – the release is still upwards of 18 months away. Saving the music industry takes time!

(Main Image: Federico Eduardo Ratier)