U2 Releasing Short Film with Woody Harrelson

U2 goes big for "Song for Someone"

U2’s one of those bands that every time they do something, they do it really big. The band’s release of “Song For Someone” off their 2014 LP Songs of Innocence, is no exception.

Being called a “short film” and not a music video, the eponymous video “Song for Someone” stars Woody Harrelson as the lead. The video features Harrelson as a man being released from jail after years of incarceration and adapting the outside world. Directed by Vincent Haycock, the video also features Woody’s daughter Zoe Harrelson. Premiering on Sundance TV this Thursday at 11PM, it follows the season-premiere of RECTIFY.

Even if you’re not the biggest U2 fan, no doubt this will be a video worth watching.

Check out the teaser video below: