Uber Wins: The Car Service Survives In Toronto

Despite a dramatic hearing and compelling claims from both sides, Uber reigns on

On Friday, Uber officially won their case against the city to operate without a taxi license. Superior Court Judge Sean Dunphy decided that the company doesn’t “accept communication from passengers,” as would a regular cab company. Instead, people arrange transportation by downloading the app ahead of time.

Uber has been active in Toronto since 2012, and since then insisted they don’t require regulation as they’re not a taxi company — just an app that links drivers with riders. And though the service has its flaws (like when they hiked their prices insanely high during the TTC shutdown in June), many people have thrown their support behind it over the city’s regulated cabs.

As the hearings began weeks ago, taxis disrupted traffic by blocking lanes of in front of City Hall in protest.

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In response to the ruling, cab drivers have hinted at another upcoming protest — not unlike last week’s anti-Uber protest in Paris that turned violent — if Uber continues to reign over the city.

Major taxi driver’s union iTaxiworkers Association expressed their “deep disappointment” and urged the city to take action to ensure fairness for their thousands of licensed drivers. Cab drivers pay high fees to city for their licenses, and feel a large part of their revenues are being taken away.

What do you think of the ruling for Uber and the threat of a Taxi Cab Revolt?

(Main Photo via The Globe and Mail)