UberAssist Driver Denied Paralympic Medalist Victoria Nolan a Ride

The driver wouldn't allow Nolan's guide dog to enter the vehicle

You would think that an UberAssist driver would not only know and understand the city’s bylaws regarding guide dogs, but would also freely accept any passenger who is accompanied by one. In fact, it is illegal under the Ontario’s Blind Persons’ Rights Act to deny a person a ride for being accompanied by a guide dog.

On Tuesday, Paralympic rower and medalist Victoria Nolan ordered an UberAssist after training at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

Nolan, who is blind, waited for her Uber ride outside of the centre with her guide dog. When she approached the vehicle, she discovered that the doors were locked. After waiting for the driver to unlock the door and trying again, she realized that the driver took off on her.

According to CBC Toronto, the UberAssist driver called Nolan after driving off and asked her if she had a dog with her, then hung up after Nolan explained that it is illegal to deny someone a ride because of a guide dog.

This is also not the first time that Nolan has faced unjust treatment for having a guide dog. In 2015, Nolan was wrongly told by an employee at Tim Horton’s that she must leave her dog outside, and in 2011, an attendant at an Esso gas station immediately kicked Nolan out of the station for bringing her guide dog inside.